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Storage should be top priority in all home office designs. With so many papers, books and supplies to store, be sure to accommodate it all with shelves, drawers and cabinets. Once you have that under control, find a desk that's stocked with everything you need: plenty of surface space, deep drawers and a high-quality material. Finally, take the time to personalize your shabby-chic style workspace with plenty of photographs and interesting knickknacks; check out lots of cottage chic home office decorating ideas to help inspire your overall look or theme. What’s the best layout for my shabby-chic style home office design? Your cottage chic home office layout should serve your workflow and overall creative process. Ideally, this means home offices get their own dedicated room, but if space is limited they can be paired with a guest room or added into the nook of any bedroom, living room or kitchen. There are many options, so determine what's best for you and your family. Regardless of where you set up shop, place crucial electronics and equipment within easy reach; computer monitors should be positioned so there is no glare, and lamps should be placed strategically around the entire room so there is as much light as possible. Your work area should also be ergonomically sound. Given that you may spend countless hours in your desk chair, it should have a comfortable cushion, lumbar support and the ability to swivel and roll so you can easily reach items instead of straining for them. Your chair should also have adjustable arm rests that allow for your shoulders to stay relaxed and elbows bent at 90 degrees. As for your keyboard, you want the “B” key be directly centered in front of you. Don’t worry about having to go with a frumpy, commercial-looking office chair either; plenty of great home office ideas use unique dining or accent chairs for an updated look. Make sure to give yourself a view. If you have a window in your space, set up your desk so you can look out of it. If not, put up an inspiring gallery wall or a unique wall hanging to set your gaze on when taking breaks. If you’ll be having clients in your home office, make sure there are ample (and comfortable!) seating options that are conducive to productive meetings. How do I add storage to my shabby-chic style home office? Home office organization is key, especially with all the bills, mail and statements you receive and keep throughout the year. The best way to store your papers is by investing in a filing cabinet. A rolling cabinet can help with convenience, or splurge on a more permanent, lockable one if you have a lot of sensitive documents. Be sure to label and color code so that everything is easy to find. With shelves and cabinets, built-ins are your best options. Built-in shelves are an elegant way to store your book collection while drawers with tray organizers keep track of staples like pens, pencils, highlighters, tape and calculators. How do I decorate my shabby-chic style home office? When looking for home office decorating ideas, always think in terms of inspiration; your work area should be functional but also reflective of the things that motivate you. While romantic home offices are conventionally formal spaces, you can definitely branch out with your decor. Paint the room colors that energize you or paint patterns or stripes on the wall for variation. Globes, maps and clocks are always go-to pieces, as are table lamps and vases. To give your shabby-chic style work area a personalized touch, bring in framed family photographs and travel souvenirs you've picked up along the way. For those must-have accessories, like pencil cups, paper trays and magazine holders, try using bright, vibrant patterns to add a pop of color or even novelty pieces that will make you smile every time you look at them. Bulletin boards, chalkboards or whiteboards are also great home office ideas; they're perfect for reminders and can also be used to hold pictures or artwork.

Looking to create a home office that helps you get the job done? Our functional pieces will inspire productivity with their style, storage and function options. Our home office furniture comes in a variety of styles including cottage, modern, industrial, classic and even arts and crafts, so it will be easy to create a home office in your current design preference. Home Decorators Collection has lots of home office ideas to help you create a workspace that's productive and stylish. Whether set up in a spare room or tucked into a corner of your bedroom, your home office should be functional first. Leave the style to us; our extensive selection of home office options will help you create your ideal workspace. Start with a desk; we have great selection of computer desks, writing desks and secretary desks to choose from. Once you have the right workspace, pick a chair to go with it. You can find one that matches or contrasts. Decide if you want a stationary chair or one with wheels to help you move freely around your office. Next, consider storage options like file cabinets and bookcases. For even more efficiency, try using baskets inside your bookcase to store paperwork in style. Finish off your space with home office decor like custom framed art, wall plaques, mirrors and a clock to keep your work flowing at the right pace. Use these helpful home office ideas and before you know it, your home office will be open for business.

Our cottage office furniture includes desks, desk chairs, bookcases, and other storage furniture.  Our cottage office furniture is all individually bench-built by skilled craftsmen in the USA.  This enables us to not only offer many sizes and configurations, but we can also provide custom dimensions and options.  We can design and build furniture to accommodate any equipment configuration.  All of our painted study and office furniture is finished to order in over 90 paint colors and stains. Check out the cottage office and study decorating on our blog for more design ideas.  

Cottage: Cottage Styles are popular for their vintage good looks and romantic feel. Using painted pieces, pale floral fabrics, and pretty accessories, the cottage look can take many forms. The overall effect is charming and comfortable

Whitney The Whitney Home Office Collection features working furniture that puts you in control of your home work space. Available in colors including almond white and heritage espresso, the desks, cabinets, bookshelves and hutch components work together beautifully to give you flexibility and organizational options that don’t compromise on looks. Upgrade your home office all the way with a few chairs from our desk chairs and home office chairs collection to give yourself the best seats in the house while you’re working or studying. Choose from seating fabrics in rich textures and soothing neutrals for the look you want. Whitney cabinets feature shuttered doors and bun feet for character and warm styling. Almond white desks and cabinets are topped with weathered pine for contrast and contemporary appeal. The lateral file is also fitted with shuttered doors and plenty of storage space for your important documents. Light the way to all of your hard work with our floor and table lamps that brighten home offices with elegance and artistry. Hutch elements can be added to desks and other components to customize the home office so it works best for your business and family recordkeeping needs. Heritage espresso styles of office furniture have finishes that are layered by hand for stunning color depth, and wood frames are kiln-dried for stability. Pull your office together with a matching solid rug that’s soft underfoot and made of quality materials. Read More

All Rooms / Home Office Photos / Shabby-Chic Style clear all 476 Shabby-Chic Style Home Office Design Photos In most families, shabby-chic style home offices play a wide variety of roles. If you work from home then it’s your 9-to-5 place of business; for others, it's simply a place to pay bills or sort mail. For kids, it's a homework spot or a place to play. Home office ideas are easy to come by — think library, sitting room or a place to nap. Whatever your preference, read these tips before you browse through home office design ideas to ensure you’re making the most of yours: More Popular Today Latest Activity All Time Popular Newly Featured 1 - 8 of 476 photos

French Country Home Office Furniture If you are a fan of classic or country style, this site will be something for you. This collection includes many various types of home office furniture in French style. The tables, chairs, cupboards and other pieces of furniture shown below differ when it comes to their size, shape and colour but they all retain a certain special charm. Ideas By Mia Jones

French Country Home Office Furniture If you are a fan of classic or country style, this site will be something for you. This collection includes many various types of home office furniture in French style. The tables, chairs, cupboards and other pieces of furniture shown below differ when it comes to their size, shape and colour but they all retain a certain special charm.

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